Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly update

Today's a bit of a gloomy day. Overcast and cooler than the past several days. Nate and I left the house just once this morning for a client around the corner. We've been inside and relaxing the rest of the day. The highlight of our day is that Nate got a bath and smells so yummy now.

We've had a good week. Yesterday Nate made his first cooing sounds. Very different than the grunts he's made up to now. It was just once and I even said outloud to Mike that I love hearing Nate's voice! I've already forgotten what it sounds like. :( I'm sure in the next week or so, he'll find his voice again and once it starts it won't stop!

Aside from the cute cooing yesterday, Nate was pretty much fussy all day long. Repeat... ALL DAY LONG. Despite this we went over to the Molnar's anyways (why not let everyone enjoy it along with us, right?!). Zack turned 7 on Monday and was celebrating yesterday by having some of his friends over for a party/sleepover. So, to keep the story shorter, I'll just re-cap:
4 rough and tumble boys with party fever, running, playing, water fights, 7 y/o fight club in the backyard, tattling, talking back, 1 broken fence, and the bday boy ends up with 2 stitches. (to bring this back to Nate, he fell asleep when frantic moms and Zack with blood pouring down his face ran into the house where Medic Mike and Nurse Jenn took over) I hope the night took a turn for the better after we left!! I'm guessing this will truly be a birthday to remember... or one to try to forget? :) I made this picture just to poke a little fun.

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Amanda said...

Somehow you made it all sound funny! I haven't gotten up the energy to blog about it yet. Thanks for being there! And Nate, how come you don't sleep all day and all hell breaks loose and you're snoozing like a champ? You're going to have some super high stress job and think it's nothing!