Friday, April 18, 2008

How appropriate

Today Mike's at work and I have 8 clients. It's the most work I've had in one day since we brought Nate home. The visits are spaced out pretty well, so it's tolerable. I thought this picture was funny though. He did act like my little monster at my first client's house though. I really don't blame him. One of the dog's barks is so sharp it hurts my ears too. Poor baby...and Nate too! Ha. Well Nate thanked me for that visit by leaving me a very interesting present in his diaper. It was that bright Spring-y green color and I shit you not (haha-I'm on a roll today!) it smelled like dirty feet and Lays Potato Chips. Oh that reminds me, I need more wipes in the diaper bag. I almost exhausted my supply with that one poo.

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