Monday, November 30, 2015

Well. I certainly got distracted for more than a minute there. Just looking at my last posts, I have a hard time even remembering my kids ever being that little AND not yelling and fighting with each other non-stop. Good times.

As does everyone who dusts off their old blog, I will say that I'd like to get back to this page more frequently. We are busy, busy, busy but it would be nice to look back one day and say - oh yeah! we did that! Look how cute and little Nate and Claire were. Even though they look like giants to me now, I know this too will be them when they were little and not tweens and beyond. *sighing wistfully* *cringing that they will be tweens before I blink*

Nate's 7.5 now, likes to read, is still in to all things science, and he has a passion for Bear Grylls videos, anything on youtube, Minecraft, and let's not forget LEGOs. He's handsome and funny and smart - just like I knew he would be.

Claire is 4.25 and loves singing, making funny faces, designing clothes for her babies, playing princess, coloring, making projects (which consist mainly of tape), and she is well-known in my Facebook world for her fashion sense. She is hilarious in general. She makes me laugh tons. She is tougher than her brother, she listens better too, but now she is picking up all of his bad habits like saying "I'm toooooo tiredddddd" when we ask her to do anything. One day I'll look back and not believe a damn word I said here because she's my precious baby girl who has done no wrong. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

I'm trucking along - sometimes waiting for Calgon to take me away for at least 10 uninterrupted minutes - still pet sitting and now PTA'ing. It really is what I've always wanted to do, I won't lie even if I do complain sometimes.

Mike's still trucking along too. Working and making us proud. His ideal world is that he'd have unlimited time at home and unlimited resources for working on projects and hanging out with the fam. He is working on getting our 1960's den cleared out so he can paint the wood paneling. I can't wait for that. So exciting.

I'll just leave some pictures here for documentation that we're all still kicking.

Santa 2015


Torturing his sister