Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last month I took Nate to a paint-your-own pottery place against my better judgement.  I knew his attention span would be very short.  Knowing that, I just let him do his thing.  We looked at the pottery pieces.  He chose a dinosaur that I didn't like, so I steered him to a different one.  He was happy with that until I spotted Cars and Toy Story themed money banks (that were double the size and double the price of the dinosaur).  His obsession with those movies have apparently turned into my obsession too. 

He chose the Buzz Lightyear bank.  While I was kicking myself for not remembering which colors make up the "Buzz", Nate was making himself at home looking and touching and selecting paint brushes.
Such focus
The artist at work
There were 2 tootsie pops, 3 lazy susans, 4 or 5 paint colors, and about 15 paint brushes that contributed to this piece. Let's just say the whole experience from start to finish lasted about 45 minutes and that's because I was trying to stall.  Why I was trying to stall I'm not sure.  I knew he wouldn't paint the whole thing, but I guess I was hoping for a little more.  At one point to make it more fun, while he put the paint brush to the pottery (red paint), I spun the lazy susan around.  That was the most paint he got on the piece at one time.  And it was fun for 3 seconds.  Score!
Buzz is ready for the oven
Behold!  The masterpiece
Nate loves his Buzz.  And to tell the truth, I do too.  I think it's exactly what it should be and I wouldn't change it.  

We have been putting coins in his bank daily.  Nate gets a coin for the following: feeding Bosco (2x/day), finding coins (at home or out and about), and when Mama is bribing him.  Whatever the reason, he loves it.
It may just be me, but I see pride in his work in this picture.