Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello stranger

Oh hi!  Here I am!  You know it's bad when you're snowed in and your Mom tells you "since you're not doing anything else, the blog could stand to be updated!"

I know, I know.  We have been doing a lot but I'm so tired lately that sitting down to write something instead of just wasting time on Facebook seems like too much effort.

We've celebrated Thanksgiving twice and Christmas twice in the past two months.  We've had such a good time with our family and friends.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in October at my parents house with Michelle, Jill, and Molly who were in from Oklahoma.  It was a wonderful week.
Playing at the park
Testing out the water
Cute Molly

Mom and Dad walking on the beach

Roasting marshmallows may have been my favorite part of the week

Learning the art of roasting
Mom and Dad
Amy and Michelle
The whole family
Since we had the whole fam damily together for the first time in a LONG time, Mom had a photographer come and take pictures.  They turned out so great - I loved them all!  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Blue Angels

So, I'm trying to catch up and update the blog.  I found this draft from back in September. 

Nate loves teh airplanes.  We saw the Blue Angels a few weekends ago months ago and it was so much fun.  An aside - Nate made some little friends while playing a pick-up soccer game before the show.  When asked, he told the boys "I'm 4."  WTH? :)