Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The lows

So, we've talked about the highs. Let's talk about the lows. I've had mixed feelings about writing a post about something that happened two weeks ago.

Bosco bit Nathan.

That 3-word sentence has been haunting me since the night it happened. I feel like a bad mom.

Nate and Bosco had been running up and down the hallway from front to back door for about 15 minutes. I thought they were playing. I was talking to my sister on the phone...not paying close attention to antics in the hallway. Then I heard a growl and Nate screaming. I yelled, hung up the phone, threw Bosco into the yard, and picked up Nate. I was rocking him on my lap and looking for obvious wounds. I didn't see any. Until I leaned him forward and pulled up his sleeve. A bloody gash on his arm. The bottom fell out of my stomach. I had so many thoughts going through my head - first and foremost "Holy Shit!" I ran Nate upstairs to my bathroom and pulled out the first aid kit. I cleaned the bite with peroxide, applied ointment, and tried to find a freaking Band-aid. I bandaged it up and Nate had stopped crying. I called Mike to tell him and I lost it while I was on the phone. The band-aid wasn't keeping up with the blood flow and I was also thinking about the repercussions of having a dog that bites. And basically I felt like a shitty mom.

Mike rushed home (click here to read his account of the whole situation) and we took Nate to the ER. Thankfully the wound only required a steri-strip and 5 days of anti-biotics. It's looking a lot better now and we have a follow-up appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow.

We also have a dog behaviorist coming to visit next week. Hopefully the tips we get will solve the jealousy and behavior problems with Bosco and the case will be closed. I don't want to think about if it doesn't work.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This week's highlights

Daddy and Nate time

Mr. Nudie-butt didn't want to have his diaper changed so he got up mid-way through and headed for the front door. I decided to choose my battles and allowing him to wander pant-less for 5 minutes was worth not wrestling him to the ground kicking and screaming. And it makes for a cute picture.

I've been wanting to get a wagon for Nate and this is the convo Mike and I had last week:
A: I really want to get a wagon for Nate. Do you think we'd use it?
M: No. We have the (all-terrain) jogging stroller for our walks and the park.
A: Yeah, that's true. And where would we store a wagon?
M: Exactly.
A: Probably not a good idea then.

Well...check out Nate's new ride! :) Our neighborhood had a community yard sale today, so Nate and I went out for a stroll (in the 90 degree heat). Well, we only made one stop and Shazam! A wagon for $5. I couldn't pass it up.

I pulled him up and down the hallway in the house for 20 minutes (didn't you hear me say it was freaking hot outside??) and he loved it! Hopefully it will cool down sometime before November so we can take it outside.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


My sweet boy picked me my very first kid bouquet today. While playing in the yard, he stood along the fence line and bent over to pick "flower" after "flower". Each time he picked one, he looked at me, smiled, and stuck his little hand out to me. I love it!

Num nums

Nate's off and walking with no trouble (well except he can't stand up by himself if he falls down). He so confident and steady on his feet that now he's bending over to pick things up or to splash in Bosco's water bowl. Whatever.

Well this morning while visiting some doggies, Nate bent over and picked up some dog food out of the bowl. As he's crunching through his first piece of kibble, I pick up the bowl and put it up on the counter. Not to be foiled, Nate walks to the other dog bowl in the kitchen and takes another handful and starts crunching away. I'm starting to think that maybe he's telling me he needs more variety than his normal banana and waffle for breakfast.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday

We had wonderful weather here today. I think it got up to 81*. Nate and I played outside and I made him pose for some pictures. The azaleas are in bloom which never lasts long enough. We also picked up a fun welcome mat today at Target.

(Hmmm...this rock is tasty.)

Easter Egg Hunts

We've been to 2 Easter Egg Hunts this week and we've had a great time. I so love that Nate is walking around on his own! It is so exciting and I can actually enjoy myself more at play dates. And hello, it's all about me, right?. :) It's so much more relaxing when Nate can play with the other kids, walk around with the toys, and I can just keep an eye on him and enjoy my conversations with the other moms.

Here he is in all his cuteness.

This egg is nummy.

Playing trains

Egg hunt at the park. Daddy came too and was the big hit with the kids. (He's a mobile jungle gym!)
First egg of the day

Here are a few short videos - one of Nate and his friend Easton on the swings and the other where Nate's taking a quick walk to Daddy. (Someone HAS to remind me not to turn the camera while taking videos!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing catch-up

I know the blog's been neglected for quite some time, but I'm ready to post, post, post. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Showing off his new shirt

my boys

Honk, honk!

Rockin' the plaid shorts

My little Charlie Brown

Always with the crossed legs!

Passing along my addiction - at least he grabbed the non-caffeinated version.

He plays a mean pot, I tell ya!

Nate and Daddy playing Steam Roller

Monday, April 6, 2009

My cutie

met the Easter bunny the other day. Here are some pictures in his oh-so-cute outfit! Tomorrow we're off to our 1st of 3 Easter egg hunts. I got Nate's really cute Easter basket here.

Look at that outfit! Lurrrve it!

Out to lunch afterwards... I think he's crying because I was eating yummy portabella ravioli with cream sauce and all he got was bread and Teddy Grahams.

(he actually loves bread and couldn't stop eating it just to take a picture with mom)