Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here I go...

So, I've recently decided I want to start pet-sitting. It came to me while Mike and I were on vacation in the Outer Banks. We hired a pet-sitter to come to our house twice a day to take care of Bosco while we were gone. So we were sitting on the beach one night and I told Mike that I wanted to start dog-sitting because I thought it was a great part-time job. I'd have extra money and get to meet new people and take care of their pets. It was just one of those random thoughts that crossed my mind so I blurted it out. To my surprise, Mike said "Do it". Once he said that I thought to myself, hmmm... I really could do that.

So when I got home from vacation, I called Sallie (our dog-sitter) and talked to her like a long lost friend. She totally got me psyched for this. She was more than happy that I called and said she always needs a back-up. She also got me in contact with another pet-sitter who lives just about a mile from me.

So, long story a little shorter - I met with Diane. She's a retired nurse who got into pet-sitting about 6 years ago. She works in about a 5 mile radius of her house and is so busy she hardly gets any time away and she's no longer accepting any new dog clients. She's going to show me the ropes and start recommending me to some newbies and I'll also do some fill-ins with her clients if she's not available.

So I'm going to accompany Diane this Saturday with a cat client and Sallie called me tonight and I have 2 jobs lined up for the weekend of Sept 8th. So cool! I don't want to jinx anything, but if all goes well and I totally love this, this could be a new career for me. Wow! All this from a random statement on a relaxing beach night.

Jill's 7 year old feet

Jill turned 7 on August 15th. In the morning she asked Michelle what time she was born and Michelle told her 11:43 a.m. Through the course of the morning, Jill and Michelle got distracted and didn't pay attention to the time. Later in the day Jill was lying on the bed watching t.v. and asked, "Mom, what time is it?". Michelle told her the time (it was well after the "birth time") and said oops - we missed 11:43. Jill looked down at feet and said "Yep, I knew it. They're bigger. I now have 7 year old feet".