Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Nate's vocabulary is really starting to blossom. It makes me happy every day to hear his new words. Here are just a few I can remember off the top of my head.

Eyes: highs (like eyes with an H in front)
Train: go go (instead of choo choo, I'm guessing)
Outside: ow-die
Plane: pane
Book: boop (pronounced like book but with a P on the end)
Stick: ticks
Butterfly: bye
Banana: bye
Pillow: a bow or my bow (like a bow you put in your hair)
Mine: MINE! Shockingly, no trouble with that word!
Clock (his newest fascination - the smoke and CO detectors along with my watch are all clocks): cock
Sock: ocks
Car: car
Truck: cuck
Elmo: bobo
Cheese: CHEESE! He says this when there is actual cheese or when I'm taking a picture
Please: peas!
Apple: app-oh

I was going to end with a video I took last month but srsly, it's been uploading for over 20 minutes now. I'm stopping the insanity and heading to bed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And down she falls...

At 5 a.m. we heard the tree crash down. I thought it was the portion that was already against our bedroom window, but alas it was the other half of the tree. It fell towards the neighbor's house. This is what it looked like once the sun came up.

Mike went out right away since the tree was blocking the neighbor's front door, much like it did ours yesterday. Here's the progress so far. I was impressed - I looked out and one of our neighbors had come over to help Mike wrangle all the big branches. Thanks person who (or whom?) I've never met!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today in (mostly) Pictures

I slept in until 9:15 this morning! Then I came downstairs to be serenaded by Mike and Nate. And my super duper cutie boy met me at the breakfast table. I was treated to a special birthday breakfast complete with pancakes, bacon, flowers, cards, and presents. What more could a girl ask for?

Yes, it's a Snuggie (TM)! I even told Mike that I was completely prepared to give him shit about getting me a Snuggie for my birthday until I actually put it on and laid on the couch. Turns out I love it! Today is perfect Snuggie weather too. I'm also going to be pampered at the spa courtesy of my boys!

Later in the day...
Heard a loud racket outside and looked out the front door to find this:

A tree. On the house. Aces! This would be the same tree I called Mike about 2 years ago when part of it blew over on my car at 5:30 A.M.

This is what it looked like today.

Mike cut back what he could today before it got dark. He's my hero with a chainsaw!
The Nor'easter is to worsen overnight and tomorrow so we're still crossing our fingers that the wind doesn't do more damage.

Nate had an obsession with Bosco's bowls today. He got in trouble twice for playing in the water. Then he thought it would be fun to put the food bowl on his head. And then put it on the floor and pretend to eat out of it. :) Goofy kid!

My lovey

My requested chicken schnitzel dinner! Dee-licious!

And cake to die for!

Happy Veteran's Day

I'm baaack!

Just now getting back to normal after Nate was sick with a stomach bug for SEVEN looooooong days.

At Nate's request, I won't go into the horrific tales of the copious amounts of diarrhea topped off with random vomiting. You're welcome.

Loving my sporty little man

(I'm going to do my damnedest to be paci-free by Christmas. Tips/advice welcome.)

Amanda called on Sunday to see if we wanted to take a hike over at First Landing State Park. We took a nice 3.1 mile trail. I was impressed with Nate - he walked a good long while. We had lots of fun. (Although after walking 4 miles that morning with some friends, I did feel crippled the next day.)

Such joy!

Hey, wait up!

I like Amanda's face in this one! :) hehe

So what have you been up to?

Dane mother-freaking Cook

I first found out that Dane Cook was coming to town back in early August. I was like a giddy school girl when I found out! I got tickets as soon as they were available on pre-sale and I've been looking forward to the concert ever since.

Saturday was the day and our tickets were so good! (Too bad my camera isn't great.) We weren't on the floor but we were in the 3rd-ish row. Squee!!

Here are a few yummy pictures of my boyfriend.