Friday, February 4, 2011

The Official GMBOA Winner Announcement

Okay - first things first.  {I know you'd rather have the winner first so skim ahead if you must!}

The boy names I like right now are Seth, Silas, and Bennett.  I really like Gibson too but I'm not sure it goes well with our last name which also ends in -son. I think Gibb is a cute nickname (dude, it's John Cusack's name in The Sure Thing).

But after reading the posts from yesterday, I've been mulling over Griffin in my head.  I was surprised that there were two Griffin's on the list.  I kinda left it at that, letting it bobble around in my head. 

Then I had this conversation today with Mike:

A: What do you think about Griffin?
M: Nodding
A: Two people posted it in response to my question.
M: Griff
A: I think I like it.  Griffy.  Grrrr...
M: Finn
A: Oh, I like that.
M: Nodding
A: I think I really like that.
A: I might love it.
A: That may be a contender.  Griffin W-----son.  Finn W------son.

Time will tell.  My 20 week ultrasound is scheduled for March 14th.  Hmm, pink or blue?  I can hardly stand the wait!

So, the scores are crazy.  Mike advises I pick randomly.  I'm taking his advice because seriously, when I scored Day 3's responses I got the following:

Day 3 scores: Rainyday 6, Whimsy 5, Amanda 4 which makes the total scores: Rainyday 13, Whimsy 13, Amanda 13.  A three-way tie.  For real.

Maybe I didn't think through the scoring prior to the contest.  In any event, I'm excited to award the GMBOA to any one of you.  I've compiled a spreadsheet of scores by day and the responses are 1-39. chose 22.  Here's proof.
Congratulations, Rainyday!  Please send me an email with your address.  And thank you all for playing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Countdown to a Winner

Happy Thursday night!

Congrats to Rainyday for winning Day 2!
Day 2 points: Rainyday 6, Whimsy 5, Amanda 4
Total points so far: Amanda 9, Whimsy 8, Rainyday 7

It's a close race!  Can't wait to award a winner tomorrow night!

I'll post my top 3 boy names and the scores for Day 3 tomorrow after 5 p.m.  Good luck all!

GMBOA - Final Day

Congratulations to Amanda for winning Day 1!
 Day 1 scores: Amanda 5, Whimsy 3, Rainyday 1

I've always wanted to skydive.  I was very close to scheduling a jump for my birthday several years ago.  I didn't for some reason and now that I have Nate, I'm not sure I'm willing to take the risk. I did go indoor skydiving with my sister last summer when we took a trip to Denver.  It was so much fun and I think I've gotten my flying fix.

My dream vacation?  Mike and I would like to travel to all the MLB ball parks.  Seeing as how that will take years to achieve, I'm not sure I'd can lump it into my dream vacation.  So, I'd love to go somewhere warm and tropical, all inclusive, no scheduled activities during the day unless I want to, yummy food (that I can mostly recognize), clean water, pool and beach, spa services, etc.  I'd like to take Nate but would definitely love to have a nanny along to help out.  Hell, sometimes just staying home and having a nanny sounds like a dream come true! :)

Moving along to the last day of contests...

The final questions are close to my heart and totally self-serving.  If ya don't know, I'm pregnant.
13 wks, 1 day
We are slightly convinced it's a girl and have chosen a name.  In the unlikely event we have another boy, I may need some help with a name.  We have some boy names picked but we're not 100% sure we're in love with them. 

Day 3's first request is to tell me your top 3 name choices for a boy.  {Our other L.O. is Nathan.}

I'm debating if I should share the names on our list.  Hmmm...Let's just say if one of YOUR names matches one of OUR names, I'll award you some bonus points!

The second question (so I can totally freak myself out) is what one thing do you wish someone would've told/warned you about during your first pregnancy and/or labor and delivery?

Good luck!  Today's contest closes Friday, 2/4 at 5p.m. and the GMBOA winner will be announced soon after that!

Thanks for playing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Nate just howled out in pain and was crying when I hopped up and ran into the kitchen.  I was worried he burned himself on the hot cookie sheet I left on the stove.  When I asked him what happened, he held out his thumb and managed to whimper that he bit his thumb.  He bit his own thumb.  AND let me add, this is the SECOND TIME THIS WEEK he's done it.  I consoled him while silently laughing. This came to mind:

GMBOA - Day 2

I've decided there will be 3 days of questions.  Each day's question will close for eligible responses at 5pm EST the following day.  I will choose a winner on Friday evening.

After 14 years together and 10 years of marriage, I have lots of favorite memories of Mike.  I've been waffling over lovey dovey stories all day, but the thing that I just remembered that strikes me as funny happened when we first started dating. I was still in college and Mike was a firefighter in my home town over 2 hours away.  We saw each other a lot but due to his work schedule and other obligations, we were also apart frequently.  He had a pager and he told me to page him whenever I thought of him.  We were still in that sickening sweet lovey stage, so I swear to all that's holy, I paged him every probably 30-50 times a day.  That was cute and sweet until he got his bill one month and between all the pages and all the times we talked, his bill was over $500.  Holy crap.  It wasn't so funny then, but I can look back and laugh about how young, dumb, and in love we were.  These were clearly way before the times of cell phones and unlimited minutes and texts.

Two questions for Day Two:

What have you always wanted to do but haven't?  {It can be something simple or something major like a life's dream.}

If money, time, and child care were no object, where would you go and what would you do on your dream vacation?

*Today's contest will close Thursday, 2/3 at 5 p.m. EST.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you ready to GMBOA?

Happy February and welcome to the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness contest - Valentines Day edition!

If you're new to the world of the GMBOA, check out the rules HERE.  To be eligible to win, you must be a follower of Whimsy's blog, The Creamery.

The GMBOA is a traveling box of goodies.  The goodies are chosen by yours truly.  If you win, I'll send the box of awesomeness to you, you'll host your own contest, fill the box with goodies, and send it on to the next winner.  Alrighty then.

*Note - judging is totally subjective.  I'll pick my favorite of the day and award points.  The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

The first question of GMBOA week (or coupla days) is the following:

What is your favorite story about your significant other?

*Edited to add: Day 1 contest ends at 5pm EST on Wednesday, 2/2.
Also, if you don't have a S.O., tell me a story of your worst or best date.