Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playing Ball

Nate's been all about "BALL GAME" since our trip to the baseball game last week.  Even when we're watching baseball on TV, he stands in the middle of the room waiting for the pitch.  And then he swings.  It's so cool!  We got him a t-ball set and brought it out today to play.  Nate wasn't timid at all.  After watching Daddy take a few swings, he got right up there and hit the ball.  What was even more awesome was when Mike pitched the ball to Nate and HE HIT THE BALL!  I guess the tee isn't so necessary! I'm a proud Mama, obviously.

I can't get the video to embed but here are some links to see Nate hit the ball.

Nate hits the ball
2nd hit!

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about how sometimes you can just look at a child and catch a glimpse of who they are going to be in 5 or 10 years.  I get that feeling with this picture.
 Action shot - right after he hit the ball


Amanda said...

Oh I love that. He's so awesome!

Gina said...

So cute!