Friday, April 23, 2010

Mon petite Pet Sitter

Most of the time I love having Nate come with me to work.  I like the company and he is my little pet sitting protege.  I love that he's been around animals since he was born and he loves them, plays with them, and is generally gentle with them.  Cute story - today after giving some doggies their treats, one pup was blocking the door.  Nate patted her and said " Scuse me, Gracie" to get around her and out the door.  Sometimes he hollers "love you" as we leave the houses.

I remember when he started "helping" by playing in the yard and sometimes presenting me with little gifts.

Over the past couple months or so, Nate has increasingly wanted to help more.
He wants to walk the dogs. (Shout out to Barney and Bailey!)
And play ball (Holla, Annie!)

He likes to taunt play with the kitties too. (Here's Finny - or "Finnegan Begin-Again" as I like to call him)
That's all fine and dandy, but let's get down to the real reason Nate loves to pet sit... the poop.  I know I've mentioned it before, but right now he's all about the poopies.  When I ask, "Do you want to go see the doggies or kitties?" he always replies with "Poop!  Bags!  Cat/dog poopies!"
(Deep down inside, I really hope it doesn't lead to any weird poop fetishes in the future!)

He likes to scout the yard for poopies.
Then he likes to look at them and tell me "Poops!  Mama, Poops!" about a million times.  Then he reminds me that I need to use a bag to pick it up.  It's kinda cute and a pretty good value to instill about picking up pet waste, but he expects me to pick up every poop, everywhere.  Goose poop in the yard?  "Mama, Poop, Bag!"  Another dog's poop while out on a walk?  "Poop, Mama, Poop!".  GAHHH!

Once I pick it up, he wants to look in the bag to size up the cool poop we just captured.  Sometimes he likes to look multiple times.  I do like that he wants to take the bag and put it in the trash can for me.  It IS pretty helpful so I can't be upset about that.
(Hey, Gracie "the one-eyed wonder"!)
Just this week, he's ventured into scooping litter boxes too.  Actually he likes me to do it, then he simulates poop scooping.
Aside from the poop fascination, I think I'm well on my way to getting him trained properly.  I'm hoping in another year or so, I can just sit back and read a book while he does all the work!  Is that so wrong?


Whimsy said...

I say that you're certainly training him right.

Next stop: laundry sorting and vacumming!

Imagine all that time you'll have to relax!

Sha said...

And no mention of eau-de-crap? I'd think that would keep him from lingering...but, whatever! BOYS!

Xstitcher said...

Maybe Nate can teach Jill and Molly how to Poop Scoop! All that fun and adventure waiting to be had