Sunday, April 18, 2010

Current Obsessions

In addition to Nate's love of BALL, he is also quite the fan of the following things:

(Read: I hear about these things ALL.DAY.LONG)
  • Fire trucks.  We visited a local fire station last week with some friends.  We also spent lots of time at the fire station with Daddy when he was on shift on Sunday.  Nate can't seem to get enough.  "Daddy, Fire Truck" is what I hear when we see an ambulance, fire truck, hear any type of siren, or play with his many fire trucks. 
  • Snakes.  Nate has a fake snake that he likes to tote around.  He likes to say "Eeek, snake!" because that's what Mama says.  We went to the zoo last Saturday and even after we visited the reptiles, we had to hear about snakes all day long.  I took him back to the zoo on Wednesday morning and all we did was visit the snakes.  Three rotations through the reptile and nocturnal galleries.  Squee!
  • Poops (dog and cat).  I've got a whole post planned for this.  I can tell you're waiting with baited breath.
  • Pee-pee and poops (of the human variety).  Tis the season for bodily function awareness.  I'm hoping a few more months of talking and mimicking and we'll be set to start full-blown potty training.  *You know you're a toddler's mom when you say "Bye-bye poopies" before flushing and then realize your child is upstairs napping.
  • Counting.  Nate can count to 10 and he likes to practice counting all the time.  When we read books, he counts butterflies or piggies or candles or bunny tails, etc.  We also do lots of countdowns and 1-2-3 GOs!
  • Worms.  I'm not sure the fascination but I'll just chalk up to boy-ness.  Alive, dead, big, little - it's all a good time to him.  I especially love it when he picks them up and hands them to me.  Double squee.

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Party of 5 said...

Oh, the fascination stage! I was so freaking sick of trains and couldn't wait for William's obsession with them to die. Trains, trains, trains! UGH. Sounds like Nate has many. Good luck with that. It's cute for like...a day. I know.

But how cute is Nate sitting in the firetruck??