Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey, what's this?

Wook - It's Nate's big boy bed!  

Mike converted the crib into the toddler bed on Thursday afternoon.  Nate likes it and has done so well!  He pretty much stays in at bed time (he's only gotten out once to come say hi).  He pretty much likes to have his entire book collection in bed which is fine if that's what keeps him in there.  If by some chance we forget a particular book, he'll hop out, get the book, and hop back in bed.  Last night though, Mike and I heard some racket and we were very curious as to what was going on up there.  When we peeked in, Nate had dragged out his little Leapfrog keyboard and was sitting in bed, fingers on home row and banging out something very important.  I told Mike that Nate must be updating his blog which in my head is called "The Life and Times of Nate Double-You".

Here's the last picture of Nate in his crib *sigh*
Testing out the new digs while Daddy works
First night in his bed

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chimchim said...

Hey everyone- That's MY BOY!!!!!!!!!