Friday, April 9, 2010

Ball Game

The Tides home opener was last night.  Mike prides himself on making the past 6 opening games in a row.  For the first time in a few years, the weather was awesome.  We ate hot dogs the size of our legs, ate french fries, drank lemonade, and had a grand old time.  Nate loved it.  He learned to "stomp, stomp, clap" to We Will Rock You and he learned "Charge!", although we're still working on the timing of that.  He loved clapping and cheering and getting in and out of his seat a million times.  He shouted Baseball and Ball Game all night and first thing this morning when I got him out of bed.  It was a great time!

Eating french fries from a helmet (always a fun time)
Watching the pregame fanfare
Telling Daddy he wants his own glove
Our seats were 2 rows from the field
Picture with Daddy
Nate's new hat
Cheering on the team
 Drinking lemonade (he thinks he's hot stuff)
 With Mama (aka proof I was there too)


Xstitcher said...

Looks like a good time was "had by all" How cute is that?? Love the new hat. Any fly balls come your way?

chimchim said...

I LOVE my family and the great times we have. Thanks for being such an awesome mom and wife!