Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three for Friday

I'm joining in with Whimsy to share another Three for Friday. This time it's all about sharing three posts from my own blog that have a special meaning to me. Reading back through my blog, I noticed two things. 1) I've been a big time slacker as of late 2) I mostly share pictures of my cutie pie which is important to me because this is my outlet to scrapbook (for lack of better term) our life. All of the pictures are my favorites but surprisingly out of the posts I chose, only one includes a picture.

This post explains itself.

I chose this post because I can happily say the mundane stuff waited for another day and the Earth didn't stop spinning.

This one reminds me how hopeful and excited I was about starting my new business. It was/is such a big deal that I took the leap of faith into becoming self-employed. I couldn't be happier now with the decision I made. Although it was a little scary to embark on the opportunity, I can now look back and relish each day I've had at home with Nate. The playdates we've enjoyed, the long naps we took together, making new friends, cultivating Nate's love of animals, lunches with Daddy, making elephant sounds, reading many many books, and watching his (almost) every move - to include his rump-shaking to music! I would've missed out on all these things if I had kept a full-time, out-of-house job.

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Whimsy said...

These are awesome, Amy! Thanks so much for playing.