Monday, July 6, 2009

Many pictures, few words

My little Magnum, P.I.

We spent Friday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens with the Molnars. Lots of fun, few injuries.

Can you spot Amanda?

Butterfly Gardens

Nate's injury involved falling on his face. His sunglasses broke the fall but left a few marks.

After frolicking in the fountains of the WOW Garden

At dinner Alex found love in a bag of Lays

Mike worked on the 4th so I invited my friend Rebecca and her boys for dinner. We headed downtown to see the fireworks. Even with minimal napping time throughout the day, the boys were great and stayed up late.

It really was more impressive than this picture makes it seem.

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Xstitcher said...

Nate does NOT look happy. Good pics- like your little Magnum.