Friday, June 26, 2009


The wonderful Whimsy over at the creamery had a great idea of sharing blogs and/or specific posts from some of our favorite reads. I have a bizarre anxiety about this and I'm not quite sure why. It may be because I want to find my very favorite post from a certain blogger. And then I have a hard time picking because there are so many good blogs out there and within each blog there are so many are great posts.

Kid-isms are one of my favorite things. I can't wait until I can start a list of Nate's... you know...once he starts really talking and all. This post from Gina at my very last nerve was hysterical. I love her anyways but this one struck me as REALLy good. I love her girl. :)

Linda at All & Sundry makes me laugh too. She always knows how to put things so that I say out loud "YES! That's what I was trying to say!" every time I read her blog, especially when it comes to her little ones. This post on running is spot-on too! That expresses pretty much how I feel when I run. No wonder she's working on a book - she has such a way with words.

Ladies - if you ever need or desire to pee standing up, check out Emily's post here. Too bad I didn't post this earlier because there was a contest to win your very own "GO GIRL". I enjoy Emily's blog not that you asked in part because I can relate to her HGTV addiction and dislike for the Charmin bear commercials.

Have a great holiday weekend! Here's one last gratuitous shot of my loves.


Whimsy said...

Sorry about the deletion! You are not a slacker! And I love your links... love!

Happy Friday, you.

Gina said...