Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meant to be

I came across this picture of Molly and me when I was tidying up the other day. It stopped me in my tracks.

This has always been one of my favorite pictures. It was taken on a trip to see Michelle and the girls back in March 2006. When Mike saw the picture when I got home from Oklahoma he said "We've got to get you a baby. I've never seen you smile that big ever." I chuckled and cried a little on the inside, knowing my body wasn't able to make babies.

We know the story now. Baby Nate is here and making me happy every day. But the funny/Twilight Zone-musicky/foreshadowing part of that picture?? It was taken on March 5th. Nate's birthday. Two years to the exact day that Nate came into this world. Amazing!


Sha said...

I love you guys!!!

Xstitcher said...

Tweedle, tweedly music! Good things come to those that wait.

Whimsy said...

Such a SWEET picture - and the story behind it (and in front of it, in what was to come) is so wonderful, it makes the picture that much better.