Wednesday, June 17, 2009

easy to please

I'm just sitting here enjoying some down time and thinking how easy I am to please. Basically, I am pretty much the polar opposite of "high-maintenance". I am giddy to pop the top of an ice cold Cherry Coke Zero. A diet orange soda makes my day. I love that the garden is blooming and the fruits (and veggies!) of Mike's labor are going to bring us a summer full of yummy family dinners.

I'm happy for the size 8 brown and blue Crocs I could only find on eBay.

I am ecstatic that Bath & Body Works brought back it's classic fragrances including my all-time favorite SEASPRAY. It transports me back to college and the first years Mike and I dated. It's funny how one scent or one song can instantly transport you back in time.

It's the fun of exploring the back yard in the drizzle - who needs pants anyways?

Love to see Mike's hard work in the (almost) completed shed. The sliding barn door was a great idea.

Lounging at the pool with Nana and PopPops over the weekend. It doesn't even matter that Nate enjoys walking around the pool and investigating the plants just as much as actually going in the water.

Finding new jammies (my weakness) at the consignment shop makes me happy too.

As does watching Nate flop on to any cushy surface and making snoring sounds. And of course, his sweet, sweet face.


chimchim said...

And you being happy is me being happy!!!!

Whimsy said...

That is so awesome. Love the pantsless backyard explorer.