Friday, November 14, 2008

This week

Who is this big boy?

Outfit courtesy of Aunt Shel

LOVE the hat!

Finally - shoes! No wonder I was having a hard time finding shoes for Nate. His feet are different sizes - his right foot is 1/2 smaller than the he has chunky feet. So his size 2.5 and size 3 feet need a size 4 shoe. Whew!


Did someone just have a birthday?
Yes, yes I did.

Mike worked on Tuesday, so we celebrated on Monday night. Mike made me a layered cake. And decorated it like a professional. I'm seriously impressed.

Mike's gift to me. It's always "Nate-o'clock"!! :)

My friend Sallie kept me company and took me to dinner on Tuesday. We had a great time. Thanks Sallie! P.S. I listened to the whole Twilight soundtrack and love it!


Whimsy said...

Awwww happy birthday, Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy! Hope you and the family are great. By the photos it seems that you're better then great. Looks perfect. Nate is such the man in his lil' jeans. What a cutie pie....

Nice cake Mike. Need one for Dalton's 13th this Friday, can I hire you out?

Miss yah all'