Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting older

We celebrated Nate's 8 month birthday on Wednesday. These eight months have flown by so how can it truly feel like I can't remember life without him? Gosh, the evidence of his growing up is smack dab in my face. Two of the big things this week:

1. He's almost ready to transition from this:

to this:

Ok, he's ready; Mommy just needs a good solution getting him in and out of our pet clients' houses.

2. He's big enough for this when shopping with Daddy:

We got a box from Aunt Shel yesterday. Thank you so much for all the doo-dads and Mike's bday present! Nate absolutely loves his new xylophone!

My folks took a trip last month that included a trip to UW-Madison where Dad went to school. Nate loves his Badgers gear! He's all smiles when Bucky plays the fight song.

This just in... Mike's really smiley today. :)

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Whimsy said...

Happy 8 months, cutie Nate!!!

(I forgot that we're also carseat twins - we have the Chicco too!)