Tuesday, July 1, 2008

False Alarm

I could go on a long rant here, but I'm going to try to reign it in. So...I didn't need a root canal or a crown. I went to my appointment yesterday and met with the dentist. She asked about my symptoms and went on to do about 4-5 tests on my tooth. I have no heat/cold sensitivity. The crack does not block light shining throughout, which apparently means that there is no damage other than the crack you can see. I did bite tests and had no pain. I had another x-ray which obviously didn't show much. Dr. Llodra called in a senior dentist to get a 2nd opinion. He re-did all the tests and concluded that my tooth is still healthy. He even said if it was his tooth he wouldn't let anyone touch it. The only symptom I have is the knot on my gum line (which SURPRISE is NOT an abcess). Both docs yesterday knew immediately it was an inflammation/irritation of the nerve cluster. It could've been aggravated by any number of things.

I'm so happy that I followed my gut instincts and didn't schedule my procedure with the first doctor that I saw 3 weeks ago. I just had a feeling about him - he was cocky and I didn't like him. He even said that there was no abcess showing on the x-ray but he assumed that the knot was an abcess. Even the hygenist/dental assistant that day pulled me aside and said "I've never seen an abcess that low. I would get a second opinion if I were you". So I took antibiotics for 1o days - and it gave me a rash. I coordinated with my hematologist to go off Coumadin and take Vit K before the procedure. What a pain but I'm certainly happy I didn't have to have the procedure. Now I'm to look for certain symptoms and call to schedule with Dr. Llodra if something comes up.

Thanks everyone for your concern. I appreciate it!

P.S. If you go to Lefcoe, Weinstein, Sachs, & Schiff - DO NOT USE DR. HORNSBY!

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