Saturday, July 12, 2008

4 month check-up

Nate went in for his 4 month appointment on Thursday. He is growing well and the doc (and everyone else) went on and on about how cute he is. Here are his stats:
16 lb 3 oz, 25" long, and his head is 43 cm. So over the course of 2 months, he's gained about 4 lbs and 4 inches in length. Mike and I have been commenting lately about how long Nate's gotten. We've even had to move the wipes container from the changing table because we're running out of room up there.

It was fortunate we had an appointment on Thursday because that morning Nate woke up with his right eye swollen, red, and tears pouring out of it. He didn't want to open his eye.
Poor guy

Dr. Ballard did an eye test where she put some goop in his eye and turned on the black light. There was in fact a small scratch on his cornea. It was cool to see - the scratch glowed bright green in the light. No wonder why he woke up screaming! We've got some eye goo to put in his eye for the next few days till she can re-check it on Monday.

I've been a slacker lately in the blog department. I have been working a lot so I'm blaming it on that! Here are a few pictures from the past week or so.

July 4th - what a cutie!

Nate loves going for a walk. Now he's big enough to sit in the stroller without his car seat.

Why am I still awake? I did 11 client visits today and have 11 more tomorrow - plus Mike and I are going to see The Fixx tomorrow night. Where I find time for a concert, I don't know. I had every intention of coming home tonight and going straight to bed. Now I've been online for well over an hour (doing nothing constructive) and I've started 2 loads of laundry. I still need to get bottles ready and I need a shower. Eh, screw it!

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