Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trip to OKC

I had a wonderful (yet short) trip to Oklahoma over the weekend. Molly turned 3 on Sunday, and we had a great party for her. Friends, family, pizza, cake, and ice cream - does it get much better than that? I got lots of pictures of the birthday girl, but yesterday as we headed to the airport I realized we hadn't got any pictures together... So, we sat in our "usual" seats in the airport to pose for some pictures! Here's our requisite self-taken group photo! It's not a trip without one of those!

So in just a little over 2 days, we got in a trip to the mall (which included Molly pooping on the potty in a public place!!), a birthday party, a trip to Robbie's house to meet baby Jack, On the Border for dinner and a margarita, late nights, girl talk, games, a trip to Braum's for a double dip hot fudge sundae- the best fudge EVER - and tons of pictures. Here are a few more...

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Amanda said...

I wish I had a sister... sniff sniff.

Maybe I can make one for Sky.