Saturday, January 26, 2008

nate's big brother

Bosco got a surprise in the mail today! We opened the package and Michelle sent him a new t-shirt. Here he is modeling...

How flippin' cute is that? Thanks Aunt Shell!

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Peggie Arvidson said...

Amy -- love the new T! Anytime yo want to chat "adoption" stuff let me know. Truly -- my experience was/is FABULOUS. It's just been through my own growth and training that I've had to realize what actually lingers -- deep, deep down inside.

Heck, as my friend always says, you don't have to have been adopted to have issues. (with self worth, value, abandonment, overacheiving, etc).

Anyway, loved your comment and would love to find a way to do a mini hand reading for you -- a fellow pet-sitter (from Virginia no less!)

Feel free to email offline and we'll work it out.