Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm So Excited!

Only 4 more days and I'll be in OKC! I'm so grateful that I can still make a quick vacation out to see my sister Michelle and my nieces Jill and Molly. Once I bought the new biz I resigned myself to not making the trip... I wasn't sure I could justify a vacation so soon after starting my new business. Lo and behold - no clients scheduled for the weekend and Monday is a holiday so my weekday clients will be home instead of at work. It really couldn't have worked out better.

Molly's 3rd birthday is on Sunday and it'll be the first birthday party I've been there for. She is so flippin' cute I can't stand it!

I'm so looking forward to seeing all my girls. This is the longest I've EVER been without seeing Michelle... it's been over a year. That's just not acceptable to me. So, I'm going to make the best out of the short time I'm there. I plan to keep everyone up for 72 hours straight just so I can soak up every single minute with them! On second thought, that sounds like a recipe for crankiness and everyone dreading Aunt Amy visiting in the future!

Stayed tuned for pics!


Amanda said...

I'm staying tuned for pics!

Give everyone a hug from the Molnars! We're hoping they visit soon!

Peggie Arvidson said...

Never deny yourself vacation -- ESPECIALLY when you own your own business (and a pet-care one at that!) Congrats on the baby and taking time for you!