Monday, October 27, 2008

We've had...

a great week! Mike was off from Wednesday through Sunday and we spent a lot of quality time together as a family. We celebrated Mike's birthday at home on Friday then we went out for our sushi dinner birthday ritual with Matt and Amanda on Saturday evening. After dinner we went out and saw a movie too! We're living the high life, let me tell ya. We saw Religulous and we gave it a resounding 8 thumbs up!

Nate got crafty for Daddy's birthday.

"Is someone cutting onions in here?" says Mike after reading Nate's gift.

Safety glasses with photochromic lenses make Mikey happy.

The Essential Journey - which we listened to ALL.WEEKEND.LONG.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Mike's birthday apple pie

Mom and Dad stopped by on Friday. We all went out for dinner to celebrate Mike's day then came home for that apple pie and ice cream.

Nate and Poppops

More pictures from the week...

Our little drummer boy:

Look at this smile. LOOK! Click on the picture to see it in even better detail... I'll wait.
Possibly my favorite picture ever - the drool is just glistening on his chin (and soaking his shirt)!

Smiling so big he's making the "squeee" sound! It makes me pee every time I see it. :)


Amanda said...

Could that kid GET any cuter?

My kids had that drum!! They loved it!

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Whimsy said...

The smile and the footy pajamas KILL ME.