Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday the family headed out to a local farm for a hayride and pumpkin picking. We had a good time. The weather was very autumnal and we took the hayride, picked out several pumpkins, checked out all the different sized pumpkins and produce, and indulged in a slice of homemade pumpkin roll and apple pie.

Nate refused to look at the camera. He's going for the "far away dreamy" look.

He took a handful of hay and put it in his mouth. Mike showed him how to look cool with just one blade of hay.

LOVE my boys!

Cutie pie

Standing behind the huge pumpkins

Skyler, Nate, and Zack

Our front porch

1 comment:

Whimsy said...

Oh! This is SO something I want to do with Alice!!! It looks like so much fun.

Love the picture with the hay. It looks like Nate is all, "WHAT'S UP WITH THE HAY, DAD?" Hee hee!