Friday, June 13, 2008

Sniff, sniff...

Mike and Alex just left for the airport. It really seems like Alex just got here, yet she's already on her way back to Illinois. We had a good time while she was here. We tried to pack in as much as we could in the short 2.5 weeks she was here. We kicked off her trip with a Memorial Day BBQ with the Molnars. We went to the beach down at Sandbridge. Alex and I shopped at almost every mall in the area - Lynnhaven, Greenbrier (twice), and MacArthur Center. Let's just say the local economy is doing just fine by us, thank you very much. Our friends the Putneys came and we went to the boardwalk, the Cape Henry lighthouses, the USS Wisconsin, and we saw the Harbor Fest fireworks on Saturday night. Alex also saw a couple of her friends, we went to the Sand Soccer tournament down at the beach on the hottest day on Earth, she and Mike toured The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, and last by certainly not least - Alex has played Guitar Hero III almost continously since the Molnars left it here on Saturday. She is happy to say that she got 100% on 3 songs. I think she would've rather missed her flight today if she could've stayed and beat Tom Morello on "Medium"! :)
Alex has a busy summer coming up so we understand that she has to get back (we don't LIKE it, but we UNDERSTAND it). On Sunday she is heading down to New Orleans for a week with her youth group to help build or tear down stuff. Yes, "stuff" is the technical term. All we know is they will be working outside in the heat in jeans and t-shirts and sleeping on cots in a church that possibly doesn't have A/C but will have plenty of fans. I'm sure at that age, anytime you are away with friends you always find a way to have a good time, hot weather or not.
Here are some pics...
There are always some goofy pix!

Rockin' out


Nate and Daddy get in on the action

Also, we had dinner with Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave last night. Dave was gracious enough to take our family pictures down at the beach last night. Let me say, it was the most gorgeous night I've seen in a LONG time. Can't wait to see the pictures!

I bought a Bumbo chair off of Craigs List the other day (I couldn't bring myself to pay $40 for a new one). Nate seems to be getting used to it. He sat in it for quite a while last night. Doesn't he look like such a big boy?

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