Saturday, June 14, 2008


The pain in my mouth has been diagnosed as a cracked tooth. I started having pain on Wednesday. My gum was puffy and it felt like I had food between my teeth that wouldn't come out. By Thursday I had a knot in my gum. I got an appointment with the dentist on Friday afternoon. I can now sympathize with others who have toothaches. It's a foreign feeling for me. I don't even have any fillings. Apparently I like to go big - I have to have a root canal and a crown. I'm so bummed out. This is like a bad dream to me. I literally have had "teeth dreams" for years and this is one of my biggest fears. Ugh. So I'm on antibiotics, which are supposed to make the pain go away. I'm still waiting... So the earliest I can get in is on June 30th. I'm sincerely hoping that the pain will go away soon so I don't have to feel like this for another SIXTEEN days.

I'm in a little funk the past two days. I'm really bummed that Alex is gone. It literally feels like she just got here and she's already back home in Illinois. I feel like summer is just starting and she's not here to go hang out at the pool/beach.

I spent the day in the house reading a book, lounging on the couch, watching movies on TV, and constantly thinking about the pain in my mouth. Mike's working at the station today and working 2 events tomorrow. I'm feeling lonely. Maybe Nate and I will finally venture out to the new outdoor pool at the YMCA tomorrow.

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