Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nate's first trip to the beach!

On Wednesday we loaded up and made our first beach trip of 2008. Hopefully it is our first of many beach trips this summer. We met the Molnars down at Sandbridge and I have to say, Nate did really well. We clearly had him protected from the late day sun - sunscreen, t-shirt, hat, and shades. It didn't seem to faze him. He pretty much slept the entire time.

The water was freezing cold. Alex braved it (I'm not sure HOW) and got in. Crazy girl! The rest of us adults only put our feet in the water and we swore that we instantly got frostbite. Okay - I swore I got frostbite. The biting flies pretty much drove us away from the beach within an hour. They were brutal. So, we headed to Beach Bully (our fave BBQ place) for dinner.
We heart hush puppies!

Matt shares his ribs with Mikey

Skyler and Nate


Molson Family Dinner

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