Monday, December 31, 2007

I must be maturing...

I'm going to say I'm getting "more mature". That sounds better than saying I'm getting old, right? I say this based on an event that happened this weekend. Wait for it... I listened to NPR. Again, I listened to NPR.

I have NPR as a pre-set station on my radio in the car because I like "Car Talk" if I'm out and about on a Saturday morning. Well, Friday night I was coming home and they had a program playing songs from 2007's best Blues albums. I like the blues and the music they were playing was so good. That's all fine and good. What shocked me into thinking I'm getting "more mature" is that I got in the car first thing on Saturday morning and I continued to listen to NPR between all my stops between 6:45 and 10. This time it was the current events talk radio and it interested me. Not interested me in the sense that I could tell you what the topics were now, but it's a major step for me. I must be hanging out with my husband too much! Just kidding, honey.

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