Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do Life Challenge - Week 3

This week our challenge was a scavenger hunt. On Monday I looked at the list, rolled my eyes, and thought no way. Then I wondered when I got too old to have any fun.  Well, fast forward to today and I hadn't completed any out of a list of 40.  Here's what I've got tonight:
6. Longest run/walk of the week. 3.7 miles (my car said 3.8)
11. Ignoring (my own self-made) a warning sign. Don't Eat That Cupcake.
17. Me wearing 7 shirts. Bonus cute baby in the background.
18. Me and my girls holding Do Life signs. Claire ate hers.
20. Me in a plank position. Outdoors.
22. Do Life dog. Holla Bosco.
28. Wearing my favorite sports team gear with a double peace sign.
29. Holding a sign with how many minutes I worked out this week.
34. Standing beside a Ferrari.
39. Me in a top hat.
This week I finished Week 1 of C25K. I'm looking forward to starting Week 2 tomorrow.  I've GOT to find a work out plan for the days with both kids and Mike working. Gah. Sob story.

My plank times have been getting better.  I started at 50 seconds. I've done a 1:03 and 1:06 this week. I've got to do better with my eating.  At the beginning of last week, I was up 1 lb, which means I'm only .2 less than when I started. We ate out too much this week. I ate too much this week. I've done well with my less soda goal though. Also, in the spirit of last week's Pay it Forward challenge, I paid for someone's lunch at Subway on Monday.  I've been in this lady's shoes - she got to the register and realized her wallet was at home next to computer where she bought something online this morning.  I felt for her.  I paid and she was so appreciative.

This week I'm challenging myself to stay on track and use my SparkPeople app to track my food.  Have a good week!

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