Thursday, February 3, 2011

GMBOA - Final Day

Congratulations to Amanda for winning Day 1!
 Day 1 scores: Amanda 5, Whimsy 3, Rainyday 1

I've always wanted to skydive.  I was very close to scheduling a jump for my birthday several years ago.  I didn't for some reason and now that I have Nate, I'm not sure I'm willing to take the risk. I did go indoor skydiving with my sister last summer when we took a trip to Denver.  It was so much fun and I think I've gotten my flying fix.

My dream vacation?  Mike and I would like to travel to all the MLB ball parks.  Seeing as how that will take years to achieve, I'm not sure I'd can lump it into my dream vacation.  So, I'd love to go somewhere warm and tropical, all inclusive, no scheduled activities during the day unless I want to, yummy food (that I can mostly recognize), clean water, pool and beach, spa services, etc.  I'd like to take Nate but would definitely love to have a nanny along to help out.  Hell, sometimes just staying home and having a nanny sounds like a dream come true! :)

Moving along to the last day of contests...

The final questions are close to my heart and totally self-serving.  If ya don't know, I'm pregnant.
13 wks, 1 day
We are slightly convinced it's a girl and have chosen a name.  In the unlikely event we have another boy, I may need some help with a name.  We have some boy names picked but we're not 100% sure we're in love with them. 

Day 3's first request is to tell me your top 3 name choices for a boy.  {Our other L.O. is Nathan.}

I'm debating if I should share the names on our list.  Hmmm...Let's just say if one of YOUR names matches one of OUR names, I'll award you some bonus points!

The second question (so I can totally freak myself out) is what one thing do you wish someone would've told/warned you about during your first pregnancy and/or labor and delivery?

Good luck!  Today's contest closes Friday, 2/4 at 5p.m. and the GMBOA winner will be announced soon after that!

Thanks for playing!


Rainyday said...

Our boys are Elliot and Felix. Other names we liked were Miles, Griffin, Thomas, Noah, James, and Leo.

Hmmm, things I'd wish I'd known about labour/delivery? I wanted to know everything and so I read and read and read and joined message boards and got email newsletters. One thing that was shared on my boards that I knew about in advance but didn't think it would apply to me was the fact that many woman have a bowel movement while pushing. Gross and eeeeeew!!!!! And yep, it happened to me. Twice. The nurses were realy good about changing the bedding and not mentioning it, though, so then I knew it had to be a common occurrence!

Rose said...

The top name on our boys list is Samuel. :)

Oh, still speaking of poop... I don't remember if anybody warned me of the difficulty of doing that AFTER you deliver... so Rainyday, it's probably a good thing you got it over with during labor!!! ;)

Rainyday said...

Ahhhhh yes, the terrifying after-labour poop. Rather painful. Take any and all softeners they give you. Sit in a sitz bath before you try for a bowel movement - and don't be afraid to go in the sitz bath, either. Might make it gentler on you. (Of course, I don't recommend this if you're using your actual bathtub to sitz in!) If you have stitches, dab yourself dry afterwards and use a hair dryer set on low to keep you from pulling anything...

Amanda said...

Our imaginary next son would be named Gavin. I've also always loved Wyatt, Sam, and Benjamin. I love your names too. I'm just not mentioning them because I know them and you should get to announce.

What do I wish I had been told? I'm not sure. You know I researched the shit out of everything. I will admit that I didn't know much about c-sections at the time. Oddly enough, I was just convinced that wouldn't be an issue.
I'll second the stool softener recommendation. Make sure they give you colace and then take twice what they recommend. used to be a great resource but they went to shit when they changed their format.

Whimsy said...

Boy names I love: Quinn, Angus, Griffin.

If you're in the mood--- go back and read through my early blog archives. You will read the PLETHORA of things I worried about/found out about prior to Bean's entrance into the world. The day before I went in for our scheduled C (she was breech and wouldn't turn, so I knew a couple weeks prior that we'd be having her c-section), I talked to a friend who had had a c-section just six months prior. I'm so glad I did that, because she shared a boatload of suggestions with me that no one else had, and I used everything she shared with me. Her list would be way too long to share here, but if you're in the same boat, let me know and I can send you a nice long email.

Be that as it may, I guess I'll jump on the poop wagon and agree that that first time you go after the birth.... uh, NOT PLEASANT. Drink prune juice, take the softeners, and then just take it slow. And one other thing: remember that NOTHING lasts forever. The pain is temporary. The boob soreness is temporary. The bleeding is temporary. Everything settles down eventually, just remember that. And enjoy! I loved being pregnant.

Amy said...

Wow - two Griffin's so far!

Amy said...

I love Quinn too - so much it's Nate's middle name. I think it's pretty for a girl's name too.

Amy said...

I'm a little skeeved about the delivery/after delivery but at least I won't be surprised when these things happen. Thanks - especially for the specific deets about the aftercare.