Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you ready to GMBOA?

Happy February and welcome to the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness contest - Valentines Day edition!

If you're new to the world of the GMBOA, check out the rules HERE.  To be eligible to win, you must be a follower of Whimsy's blog, The Creamery.

The GMBOA is a traveling box of goodies.  The goodies are chosen by yours truly.  If you win, I'll send the box of awesomeness to you, you'll host your own contest, fill the box with goodies, and send it on to the next winner.  Alrighty then.

*Note - judging is totally subjective.  I'll pick my favorite of the day and award points.  The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

The first question of GMBOA week (or coupla days) is the following:

What is your favorite story about your significant other?

*Edited to add: Day 1 contest ends at 5pm EST on Wednesday, 2/2.
Also, if you don't have a S.O., tell me a story of your worst or best date. 


Rose said...

Hey, I'm not participating (since I just had the box!) but I'll probably be popping in! So just don't give me any points! :)

One of my favorite stories about my husband is from when he was in the military. His shipmates were complaining that there was nothing to do in Texas except drink. Well, my husband decided he'd prove them wrong. He told them to meet him that night with the biggest knife that they had.

I don't remember the entire story, but they terrorized some javelinas and then climbed up the back of the baseball backstop to escape. The military police came by and asked what they were doing up there. They pointed down at the javelinas and the police basically told them that they were screwed and that they'd better not be late for work in the morning! :)

Amanda said...

My husband is the type for which they're all funny stories - you know...

So it's April 20th, 2001 and my water breaks. We go to the hospital and are told that our soon-to-be first-born is breech and he'll have to be delivered via C-Section. Fine. As I'm being prepped by all manners of hospital staff, Matt is making phone calls, he's in and out, he's a bundle of nerves. He finally calms down and looks at my Anesthesiologist and says "Oh. Anastasia. That's a beautiful name." She looks at him funny, looks at her badge, looks back at him and says "Honey, my name is Beth, that says 'Anesthesia'".

HA! It still cracks me up ten years later.

Rainyday said...

One of my fave stories about my hubby is a series of tales from his childhood, retold by his grandmother and aunt at most family gatherings.
He would giggle and matter-of-factly say "excuse me to my bum" whenever he'd toot. He also told his grandmother that he had "big brown eyes, just like a cow!".

I know there are more stories. But I'm stuck inside with my feral monkeys, er, boys and I don't have many brain cells left!

Amy said...

Rose - sounds like drinking woulda been more fun! Ha! I had to look up what a javelina is - not something I'd want to encounter!

Amy said...

I love funny stories and you guys are cracking me up!

Whimsy said...

Oh crap. Am I too late to enter? Because I have some STELLAR stories about Chip.

One of my favorites is from our fourth Christmas together. We were both bumming around the house, singing Winter Wonderland--- and when we get to a certain line, I hear him sing, "Soon we'll perspire as we dream by the fire". I died. I asked him to repeat the phrase, which he did. Turns out, he was convinced by his dad when he was a little boy that it was PERSPIRE. Because (as my friend Stacie said later), it's so hot by the fire. Ha!

Amanda said...

It IS hot by the fire. :D