Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Boy stuff

It seems like just five months ago, we transitioned Nate to his toddler bed.  Oh wait.  Yes, it was just 5 months ago.  Well now he's in a BIG, big boy bed. 
How awesome is the convertible crib?  LOVE the headboard
Nate loves it.  He had been wanting to take naps in either the guest bed or our bed so we thought maybe he's just ready for the big time.  I love it because now I can get really comfy when we read books.  I was giddy to shop for bedding too.  I love his new quilt and the cute polka dot sheets match and were a bargain at Target.

Also, way back when I said we were working on potty training.  Well, when I said working on potty training, I meant just doing what we've been doing for months.  Nate's a nudey butt a lot of the time when we are home.  He pees in the potty 100% of the time when he's naked.  Poop is another story.  He has sat on the potty a few times to poop and mostly it's false alarms.  I think he likes the idea of sitting on the potty and reading books.  He has gotten a wee nugget out twice so that's good.  But other times, he'll start freaking out whilst nudey and saying "Poop! Diaper, Mama!!".  I've tried to put him on the potty in those instances, but he gets wigged out and I just put a dipe on him and then clean him up 2 minutes later.

We did try big boy unders the other day.  He was excited to have a choice of characters.  He picked Lightening McQueen.  It lasted about 20 minutes until he was calling for me saying "Pee pee come out, Mama!"  When I took a look, he had only tinkled a bit, but he turned around and it looked like he had a tail.  So he peed and pooped in his unders despite our reminders to tell us if he had to go potty.  Oh well!  It was cute while it lasted.  He really hammed it up!


Xstitcher said...

The skinned knee makes the pics so " Big Boy!"

Amy said...

They are a dime a dozen around here!

Party of 5 said...

I love the bedding and YEAH for big boy beds!