Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey looky! A blog post I started 5 days ago and just now remembered!

Nate's not usually a fan of hats unless someone else has one on.  Here he is in his Oklahoma State hat looking oh so freaking adorable.

And by the way, when and how did he get to be such a big boy?

"Tao" the Cow has been a friend for some months but the love has increased ever so much in the past weeks. Tao has to come downstairs, eat, read, play, and color with Nate. When he's not with Nate (even in the other room) it's "Tao?" in a sing-songy voice until we find him. It's so cute I could just eat him. Case in point:

Go ahead - tell me how cute he is!


Party of 5 said...

SUPER cute.

Gina said...


clueless but hopeful mama said...

Hey there! Thanks for delurking on my blog yesterday.

Oh, and your kid? TOO CUTE.

Amanda said...

Awww. He's too cute!