Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been doing my mom-ly duty by allowing the blocks to come out.  I kinda despise them. Nate likes to build stuff but when he starts, I have to hold the blocks.  And then he puts 4 piece long ones on top of singles.  Then he looks at me and bitches and whines when the thing falls over.  What can I do?  What?  Put them on the floor?  Not unless I want to get an ear full. 

In all seriousness, it's great that he's building and creating.  And it's super-fantastic that he finds great delight in knocking them over and throwing them all over the living room.  That makes it difficult to actually get all the blocks back into the bag (which I do mostly myself) on the first try.  Don't ya hate when you put the bag away and then find strays? 

Creating a masterpiece

Very focused

So tall he had to stand on the couch to put the top blocks on.
And now he's moved on to more coloring.


Amanda said...

Clean up clean up everybody does there share...

you need a song!

Amanda said...


THEIR share. Everybody does THEIR share.

Amanda said...

It's not my song but I'm going to correct myself again and comment that it should actually be HIS share. Everybody does HIS share. Body is singular.

Xstitcher said...

C'mon Amanda, you can get it! That danged singlular/plural stuff gets tricky, and the funny part is coming from NC, I understood it the first time!