Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Botanical Garden - twice in 3 days

Sunday morning we wanted to get out and enjoy the weather. The zoo was uncharacteristically packed - the line to park was crazy so we whipped a U and headed to the Botanical Garden instead. Ah, the advantages of having memberships both places...

Random tidbit that happens to relate - Nate loves planes. The botanical garden is right next to the airport so we walked up the hill and watched some planes take off. It was great!

Going to check out the planes

This is the plane we watched taxi and take-off

"Pane!!" says Nate

In the sky

Lovin' the wagon

Nate loves butterflies or "byes". We think he's shortening butterfly by just using the first and last letter.

Nate loved the fountain. It was hard to persuade him to leave.


Today we went to Tunes for Tots in the kids garden at the NBG. Nate didn't want to sit for the program, although he did walk over to the group a couple of times to shake his booty to the music. He much preferred to play with the toys and in the water.

I love the sunlight shining down on him in this one.

The froggie fountains

My little pumpkin head

Our friend Nate came too with his mom Ruby and sister Brielle

Just the beginning of the wetness

The boys LOVED splashing and getting soaked


Amanda said...


Xstitcher said...

He's such a little man now. Not a baby at all.. Sigh. Great pics, wonderful subject!

M said...

I took the Boy to some Butterfly Gardens last weekend and oh my...he lit up like a Christmas tree! It was awesome!

You guys are BUSY! I feel mildly guilty for staying home with the Boy so much now...