Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Haircut

It was a big day around here. After many weeks of contemplation, we finally decided to get Nate's haircut. It was getting out of control. He had wings coming out from his ears that really gave him a mad scientist look. A very cute mad scientist.

His sweet curls

We went to a cute place that caters to kids. Nate picked the airplane chair.

The first snip

Not too concerned. Ms. Shalonda gave him animal cookies. Expert move.

Hey look - a kids movie is on!

Now he wanted to get down to play at the train table with the other boys.

Looking good

All done!

Cute card


Party of 5 said...

Those curls were gorgeous but doesn't he look like such a handsome young boy with his new 'do? What a cutie.

Xstitcher said...

Molly thinks he's real handsome, but she went back to playing school.