Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aww, crap.

I've taken to jotting down notes of what I want to post on here. I'm writing posts in my head throughout the day. Then comes the time I can actually get on the computer and my urge to post wanes.
My note today consists of these tidbits:
1. clutch - foot
2. poop - poop juice, leg smear, picking up poop
3. sleep
4. va-kay

Intriguing isn't it?

1. So Mike and I traded vehicles. It started when my brakes were really squealing and Mike took the car in to get fixed. Well driving Mike's SUV made me realize that it really is easier to get Nate in and out of the Vue instead of the Civic. So we've decided that we'll give this a go for 2 months and see how we're feeling then. Oh - how does this relate to my list? Mike's car is a 5 speed. I swear my left foot is achy/crampy from shifting. I'm a hoverer, especially at stop lights. I'm not riding the clutch but my foot's always up and ready so I don't get smoked by Granny when the light turns green. I'm trying to remember why I thought this was worthy of posting...
My first car was a stick-shift. I loved that car. So much I pulled out a picture to show you. What's not to love?

2. Nate picked up dog poop today. In both hands. And smeared it all around. We used wipes, washed and sanitized multiple times. Ewww!!! Even grosser for me was the other day when I went to gobble his outer thigh and came back with a wet lip/face. Apparently he had some really loose poop that had snuck out of his diaper and onto my face. *I'm shuddering as I re-live this. That same day Nate flailed about during a diaper change and smeared more poop all over his leg. Oh and I have I told you the story about diarrhea and a swim diaper? We were getting ready to head out to a pool play date earlier this month and I took Nate upstairs to change him since I felt the swimmy was soaked already. By the time I put him down on the changing table my arm and shirt were wet. So I smelled my arm, not once but twice just to make sure... poop juice. On my arm. And my shirt. UGH!

3. I have an almost completed post I wrote a week ago about our sleeping progress around here. I've decided to scrap it and just say Nate is now going to sleep in his own bed for naps and bed time. It's been over 2 weeks now and it's been pretty damn good. We had some screaming and crying in the beginning, but Mike has learned to control himself. Hahaha! (We had some parent growing pains too during the transition.) Tonight Nate didn't cry at all when I put him down. Score!

4. Our vacation is finally just one week away! We are going to Oklahoma to visit for 12 days. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone. No one on Mike's side of the family has met Nate yet - crazy! And I can't wait to see my sis and nieces!! T minus 7 days!

Traveling in September reminds me of last year's quick trip - for our adoption finalization hearing! I don't think I ever posted pictures but here's one with our judge. Also, Michelle & Molly met us there to lend some moral support.


M said...


Have you told the whole story of the adoption some where on your blog? Do I need to scour the archives for it or will you send me links...or maybe just post links...or maybe tell it all over again? I'm thinking that every year on the Boy's birthday I might have to tell the long and gory story of his birth just so that he fully appreciates me. But I also don't want to scare him off from women! hmmmm, tough decision...

Xstitcher said...

Were you at home or on the job when Nate squished the poop? Ewwwww! Natey snacks are something to be approached with caution! Of course, we're glad he's fambly. Love the remember-y of the Scirocco. White socks were the primo touch.

Whimsy said...

Really loving the pic of you and your first car. Those socks ROCK.

Also - I'd love to hear Nate's adoption story too, if you're in the mood to tell... or email.