Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Cute Thief

Last Saturday Nate and I had a picnic lunch in the living room. Nothing fancy except for the tie on his shirt!

Nate loves the cheese grater. It pretty much stays in the dishwasher because Nate likes to play with it, toss it on the dog hair-laden floor, lather, rinse, and repeat. I say steal because he can be sneaky. Even this morning, I turned my back he snatched the grater and RAN away with it.

MIKE - stop reading now...

The grater-snatching was much better than when Nate grabbed a knife from the dishwasher (the sharp, pokey kind) and ran into the living room, tripping and falling as I chased him yelling "NOOOOOO!" When he fell, I saw the knife fly from his hand away from his body. It was then that I saw he had another knife in the other hand! He's making me lose years off my life, I swear.


Aunt Shel said...

I think I just lost a coupla years, too! I'll put away all the knives RIGHT NOW!

Amanda said...

Did you get Mike resuscitated after he read that?