Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation weekend

So Friday we went out shopping and we decided to stop by to see my friend Robbie at work (I've known Robbie since 2nd grade!). We had a good visit and I was happy that Robbie finally got to meet "Virginia Baby".
*Note: We wanted to get together with Robbie, Courtney, and Jack but Jack had croup. Robbie told me that "Virginia Baby" probably didn't want to be around that. Molly then referred to Nate as "Virginia Baby" many times for the next few days!

One of our much anticipated outings of the week was pottery painting, which we did on Friday night. The paint "rules" at this place were not up to what Michelle and I expected, but we tried to let go of our annoyance and focus on the fun. We did have a good time but you wouldn't know it because with two cameras at our disposal, we forgot to take pictures. Doh! Jill made the cutest ice cream cone, Molly made a small plate and a snowman, Michelle made a plate for her plate rack in the kitchen, and Nathan and I made a plate with his name on it along with his footprints. The upside of the pottery was Michelle called on Sunday to see if it was possible that my piece was ready so I could take it home instead of her having to send it. The (same weird) girl said it had just come out of the kiln and she'd get it ready for her. Girl called back a few minutes later and our entire order was ready for pick-up. Yea!

On Saturday, we went up to Stillwater home of Oklahoma State University. I got Nate dressed in his OSU garb and we headed out for a fun day.

One of the best things to do in Stillwater (besides walking on campus) is to eat the world famous cheese fries at Eskimo Joes. Nate ate his first french fry (GASP!) and I think he liked it!

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