Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The rest of my trip

Nate and I hung out on Sunday while Michelle was at work. Thankfully we stopped by Target for more wipes and a few groceries because come mid-day Monday we were pretty much iced in for the next few days. Before Michelle left to pick Jill up from school, she stepped onto the seemingly dry driveway to find out the hard way that it was icy. She says she spun like a turtle on her back (she's okay - but man that would've been fun to see). The school's only a mile away but it took quite some time to get there and back. When they got home, the van wouldn't make it up the drive so they parked on the street and put cleats on their shoes to make it up to the door.
*Typical/frustrating 8 y/o kid-isms: Jill asked Michelle why she was late picking her up from school. ALL the other parents came early. And then when Michelle tossed her the cleats to put on to get up the driveway..."but Moooooommmmm, I don't like how they look". Sheesh!

On Tuesday, Jill's friend came over with her mom Lisa and the girls went excited to go outside to sled (or to "go sleighing" as Molly says). Molly wanted to go out but didn't want to dress appropriately. She had the choice of getting dressed or taking a nap. She pouted but went outside!

Nate stayed inside with us and was happy as a clam. We didn't even get out of our jammies that day! Now THAT'S what vacation is about.

Nate took a cozy nap sprawled out on Aunt Shel.

Over the next few days we got in lots of singing performances from Molly, lots of playing My Little Ponies with Molly, and Nate got lots of floor time. He was happy with the trucks, the ride-on car, the Little People, reading all his books, and especially all the attention he got from Jill and Molly.

Jill's school was 1 of 2 districts in the entire state of Oklahoma open on Thursday. Michelle and I (along with all the other Yukon parents) literally did a happy dance/jig when we got the call on Wednesday evening. :) We had lunch with friends then hit the mall. I got Nate some new brown shoes since apparently I dress the kid in brown pants about 4 or 5 times a week (not the same pair).

We picked Jill up from school and headed home to take Molly's car out for a spin. Nate had a ball! Nate also took his first and second sled rides that day. He loved that too! We took some video somewhere...

We celebrated Molly's 4th birthday by having friends over that same night. She is into Kung-Fu Panda - she likes to be Mistress Tiger (do I have that right??).

to be continued...

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