Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday

Let's start with a really sweet picture. Nate's not normally tired enough to sleep on our shoulders.

Sitting up and playing like a big boy

Nate has been eating green beans for the last four days. Here's Day 1. Nate likey!

Dammit, Woman. BEANS - MOUTH - NOW!

Looking cute, AGAIN! Michelle, did I mention we love Bag o' Baby? Mike and I heart the green!

Today was the debut of the high chair! I had been looking on Craig's List for one that just sits on the dining room chair... I was going through Nate's closet today looking for garage sale items and BAM! High Chair! I totally forgot that one of Mike's buddies from work gave us his chair when his son outgrew it. BONUS FIND!

Moooommmmm... Can you just go ahead and feed me instead of taking 100 pictures?

One last cute picture o' the day. I bought Nate a winter beanie with a brim. I thought I'd try it on him today. What's cuter than a baby in nothing but a diaper and a beanie? Ding, ding, ding. You're right... NATE in nothing but a diaper and a beanie!


Cici said...

Oh my gosh, you are so lucky to have such a cutie pie!!! Just keep the pics coming! I will have to get together with you since I am not working Sat/Sun right now!

Gina said...

Love the hat pic. My 11 year old has one like that, but he doesn't look nearly as cute because he wears it off center, which makes me want to kill one of us (As in, me and him. Not you and me. Because that would be dumb. Why would his wearing his hat like a thug make me want to kill you? Although I suppose if you were standing nearby, you could get hit with the shrapnel. I would feel bad about that. So next time I come to VA Beach, I will make sure to let you know so you can stay far away from me and my thug-hatted son. Also - I may be insane.)

Whimsy said...

I think my eyes are still burning. BURNING FROM THE CUTENESS.

And dude, Nate has Alice seriously beat on both the food and the sitting situation. We are going to venture into Other Food Land soon (beyond the borders of Rice and Oatmeal); but Alice doesn't yet show much signs of sitting up on her own.

She does crawl on her face, though, so there's that.