Monday, August 4, 2008

Guess what today is

...Day 4 of cereal! Our big boy seems to be enjoying the addition of almost-real food. Well, the oatmeal is just okay compared to the lasagna sauce that Nana gave him while on vacation. (Seriously, lasagna sauce!) Each day he eats a little more and smears it around a little more after putting his hand in his oatmeal-filled mouth. I can't believe my baby is eating. He'll be having a steak dinner before I know it. :)

You wanna hear another BEST THING EVER IN MY LIFE moment? Nate has started reaching his arms out for me to pick him up. Be still my heart!


Amanda said...

He's SO FREAKIN cute! You all are! Knock it off with the cuteness. My ovaries are aching!

Cici said...

Oh how I miss those days! My friend Amber's little boy starts kindergarten this year. They grow too fast. Hold, snuggle, and never let go. At least Troy still gives me a hug and says I love you when I drop him off at camp and he doesn't mind doing in front of other kids. Nate is just too adorable!

Whimsy said...

Yay for cereal!!! I started Alice on cereal just the other day, as well. It's awesome to watch them grow, isn't it?

Whimsy said...

Me again. I just went and checked and your Nate and my Alice are, like, ALMOST THE EXACT SAME AGE. I love it. Alice was born just two days before your cutie-pie.

And I'm totally jealous that Nate is reaching his arms out for you. How fantastic!