Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Day

Nate and I had a relaxing day today.  Nate woke up and found that the Easter Bunny left him a basket.  He loved his new light up toothbrushes and his jelly bean filled eggs.  We also got a new Cat in the Hat book that I'm sure we'll read tonight. A cute little story is that Nate calls jelly beans "Sweet Rocks".  He's watched The Ant Bully on Netflix (a million times) and that's where he learned it.  Sweet rocks just sound better than jelly beans, don't they?

Protecting his identity. Forget you just saw his face one picture prior.

We had our friend Rebecca and her boys over for brunch - it was delightful.  I was feeling fancy with my grape juice and ginger ale cocktail.  It's the pregnant girl's mimosa.
When my sister and her girls were here on vacation just a few weeks ago, we also had an Easter celebration.  We had a nice dinner with all the family , the kids decorated eggs, and we had an Easter egg hunt.  They were some mighty happy kiddos.
On the hunt
Checking out their loot
Jill made cute faces on all the eggs
Last weekend we also headed to a park for some Eggstravanza-tastic fun.  Nate loved the bouncy house (he was first in), the petting zoo and he took his first pony ride.  He LOVED it (although it lasted like 30 seconds).  His horse's name was Rocket.
According to Nate, this is the REAL Easter Bunny.  Her name is Polka Dot.

Here is our 2011 attempt at visiting the Easter bunny.  Very timid and shy.  This was as close as he'd get...after much prodding.  Hope you and your families had a great day!

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Whimsy said...

Alice won't go near any of the giant characters: Red Robin, the Easter Bunny, any of them... Nate is VERY brave!