Friday, January 28, 2011

The GMBOA is here! The GMBOA is here!

On Tuesday, I found this delightful box on my doorstep.
Oh Yeah - I won the GMBOA (of The Creamery fame) from EightTwentyEight's contest this month!  Rose hosted a fun week of contests and put together a wonderful box of goodies!  Thank you Rose!

Nate spied the M&M's first and the airplane second!  He was a happy boy!
The goodies were chosen with care, as they are some of Rose's favorite things and things that are found in her local area in Washington state.  There's honey! berry jam! lip balm! wee travel sized bottles!  What's not to love?  Also, have you ever heard of Rent the Runway? You can rent designer clothes and accessories there.  It's very SATC to me!  Seeing as how I'm with child at the moment with no fancy events to attend, I'm eyeing some fabulous jewelry instead of couture.  I'm spoiled with a $50 gift card and Rose even included a discount code when I order in January!

So now that the GMBOA is in my hot little hands, it's my turn to think up some awesome gifties for the box and to host a contest so YOU can be the next winner of the coveted box.  The rules are here on Whimsy's blog.  If you haven't read her blog, you should.  Her little Bean is worthy of some serious cheek squeezin'. When you're finished checking out The Creamery, you should follow her blog so you're eligible to win.

This isn't officially a contest question, but what would you love to receive in a Golden Box of Awesomeness?


Whimsy said...


Rose really does do it up right, doesn't she? That's quite a nice group of gifties.

As for what **I'd** want to win... hmmmm. Small things. Ribbon and stickers and dumb things I'd never buy for myself (without serious guilt), but are perfectly acceptable inside a gift box.

Congrats again! Can't wait for the contest!

Rose said...

I'm glad you love it! You'll have to post pictures of you wearing whatever it is you get from Rent The Runway. :) Enjoy the goodies!!!