Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joy on a Tuesday

Keeping up with Whimsy's challenge, I was finding joy all over the place yesterday.  Some of it was truly found in the little things.

Joy #1: Finding and being able to pluck a stubbly chin hair before it had grown to be an inch long crazy black hair.  Woo-hoo!

Joy #2: Hearing Kings of Leon on the radio while driving with the windows down. 

Joy #3: A freshly vacuumed house that I didn't personally vacuum.

Joy #4: Having dinner with Amanda, Matt, Zack, and Skyler.  It's been too long since we've had a big family dinner with all of us together.  It was lovely!

Joy #5: The Biggest Loser finale.  It inspires me.  *SPOILER ALERT*  Michael, who started at 526 lbs, lost 264 lbs (over 50% of his body weight) to win.  It's amazing to watch the transformations on this show.

Joy #6: Alone time with Mike after Nate's bed time.

Joy #7: Nate slept all night with no wake-ups.  It's been an off and on battle over the past 3-4 weeks and it was quite delightful not to be awakened in the middle of the night.

It's starting off to be a good Wednesday.  I already have a few joys on my list for today!  Have a great and joyful day.


Amanda said...

Oh I forgot one!

Watching Nate and Skyler's antics in the driveway last night. I was cranky again by then thinking of how long it was going to take to settle the kiddos down but those two were just too cute!

Party of 5 said...

Yeah for no wake-ups! I don't have those anymore but on those rare occasions it makes me wonder how I survived it all when it was constant. And yeah for big family dinners. Good friends make the best family.

Whimsy said...

Your #2 chin hair one made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.