Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's been a big week around here.  Nate turned the big T-W-O on Friday and I can hardly believe it.  Where has the time gone?
Today at the zoo, the wagon was more a prop than anything else as Nate didn't ride in it at all.  He pulled the wagon like a big boy and he walked the entire zoo - with energy to boot when we left.  Yesterday I was struck by the fact that Nate was walking down steps without hanging on or sitting down.  It seems like these things just happen overnight.

I just glow when I hear "Thank you Mama" when I give Nate his breakfast or when he asks "Peas may have paci?"  He's becoming such a little boy, and a polite one at that.  I just look at Mike and say "We did that."  And I feel so proud.

Mike's at work today and every time I talked to him, it was to brag to him about something else Nate did.  Like when we were walking a dog and Nate stopped at the curb and looked both ways and said "cars" because he knows that we stop, look, and listen to make sure it's safe to cross.  It just warms my heart.  And to be honest, I have moments that these same things make me a bit sad.  Time just goes by so quickly and I hate that one stage ends even though I know it just means that an exciting new one begins.

We've had a great time celebrating Nate's birthday.  Last week we celebrated with our friends who also had birthdays.  It was an awesome day!  We went to a bouncy place and the kids (and all us parents) had a blast on all the inflatables.  Nate started out small, going down the slides with Mike and me.  That didn't last long - Nate went down the biggest slide, "The Fortress", solo many times after!

My big boy
This is Nate's sign for I Love You

7 Boys, 6 Birthdays.  All with adorable shirts!
On Nate's birthday, we had a nice family day complete with balloons, music, a trip to the park, presents, dinner with Amanda's family, and topped off with cupcakes!
We spent Saturday morning at the Botanical Garden with Nana & Poppops.  It was a bit chilly but fun!
King of the tree
Mike made Nate's Jack's Big Music Show cake - how awesome is that?

I love this family photo!
Phew.  I'm exhausted.  So that about recaps everything we've been up to lately!  Happy Birthday, Nate!


chimchim said...

L-O-V-E it!!!That's my boy...

Gina said...

It's funny how you look at them and think, wow - he's really looking like a BOY and not a baby anymore. And then next year you look back at THESE photos and think, he was such a baby then, but now he's a boy. I still do this with mine at 6 and 13.

Whimsy said...

That is one talented husband baker! Wow!

Happy belated birthday, Nate - what a big boy!!!!